Start Here to Make the Case for Cybersecurity Investment

What is the right level of cybersecurity investment? How can organizations weigh levels of investment against the risks of underinvestment? One of the greatest challenges in advancing cybersecurity is supporting leaders as they identify and prioritize investments. NRECA is now offering the RC3 Self-Assessment online. This tool makes an excellent leadership team exercise that helps your senior leaders see the big picture and prioritize resources. Cooperatives who have completed the RC3 Self-Assessment will share how they used the process to build stronger cybersecurity programs. 


  • Cynthia Hsu – Principal, Cyber Security Solutions – NRECA
  • Trina K. Zagar-Brown – General Counsel & Manager of Member Services – White River Electric Association, Inc.
  • Louie Weimer – Technology & Integration Manager – Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
  • Greg Moretti – Network Administrator – Bridger Valley Electric Association