Industrial Applications of Machine Learning, AR and VR

New Tools using cutting-edge technologies are finding their way into the electric utility industry. Machine learning is fast emerging as a promising analysis method to realize value from data on a variety of applications – ranging from grid analytics, optimizing equipment performance, to image recognition. Augmented and Virtual Reality is beginning to see increased investment and applications ranging from safety to operations to education and training.

Organizations such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple have developed or are in the process of developing products in AR and VR. This session will highlight some key practical applications of machine learning and augmented/virtual reality with specific case studies pertinent for immediate applications at co-ops.


  • Adaora Ifebigh – Senior Manager, R&D Engagements – NRECA
  • Dean Skinner – Manager, Engineering Services – Jo-Carroll Energy
  • Quentin Rogers – VP, Engineering and Technical Services – Powder River Energy Corp
  • Amy Rosier – Communications and Marketing Manager – Tri-State G&T