Cooperative Contributions to Military Resiliency

As threats both physical and cyber continue to increase, hear about what cooperatives are doing to partner with military installations on resiliency projects. Lessons learned from these case studies can be used for both cooperatives that serve military installations as well as cooperatives looking to harden their system. This explains the trend toward Energy as a Service (EaaS) for military installations and what it may mean for co-ops.

As cooperatives continue to look at how to keep the grid resilient and support their member-consumers, these innovative projects can provide a roadmap for other cooperatives serving military installations as well as those serving other members where resiliency is a key challenge.


  • Richard Vetter – Port Allen Station Manager – Kauai Electric Cooperative
  • Mark Faulkenberry – Vice President of Member Services – Western Farmers
  • Walker Fricks – Manager, Fort Benning Operations – Flint Energies