ADSS vs Strand and Lash: A Cooperative FTTH Evaluation


In 2017 Great Lakes Energy Electric Cooperative (GLE) began the process of due diligence with deploying a FTTH pilot project for 15,000 members and 1,100 miles of line. GLE researched an ADSS fiber solution as well as a lash and strand solution. Both provide advantages and disadvantages, this presentation will outline our approach as we evaluated design considerations for both proposed fiber solutions and why we chose an ADSS Fiber to the Home solution as the best fit for our cooperative.       


  • Scott Blecke – Vice President, Engineering – Great Lakes Energy                      
  • Phil Mudge – Head of Broadband Deployment – Great Lakes Energy             
  • Shaun Lamp – Vice President, IT – Great Lakes Energy                          
  • Todd Richard – Technologist – Great Lakes Energy